Friday, November 7, 2008

Update on Ryan

We thought you might like an update on Ryan. He is well into the second year of his mission. He has been in the same area now for quite some time and he really enjoys working with the people there. There were two baptisms last week that he got to be a part of.
We have heard from several people in the Wards where he is serving who tell us how great he is. Of course you always like to hear that as parents.

I'm sure he would like to hear from any of you, especially as we approach the holiday season.


Kate said...

wow! he LOOKS so mature! i'm glad he's doing good. we keep him in our prayers! :) parker want's to be a missionary, too. so, i'll have to show him the pictures!

russandpeggy said...

It is hard to believe that he is 20years old now! I think he has really grown a lot and learned a lot about what he can do if he works hard.

Alanna said...

WOW! I can't believe Ryan is 20! That's crazy. He's looking good!

Anonymous said...

It looks like Ryan is being fed good by the members in his Area. He is looking great! I am so very proud of him. I wish I could sit in on his lessons with him, as Sister Taylor and I do here with the Elders in our Mission. It is the best part of our day when we can. Keep up the blogging! I love being in touch with our family.

russ and peggy said...

Alanna and Mom,
I'm glad you both found our blog. We'll see how it goes. Ryan is doing great. We are really proud of him.