Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lindsay's Turn

So i guess everyone else in the family, besides ryan who can't, has posted on the blog so i thought i would take my turn.  other than being out at BYU my life is pretty normal... i just go to class and study and take tests and occasionally go on a date or two.  i came out this summer and i took a few classes, came back out this fall and took a lot more.  this summer was great i met a ton of cool new people and made some really good friends and this fall is turning out to be good for me as well.  i have to say that i have been blessed with awesome roommates and i don't know what i am going to do next year when i have to get new ones.  anyways... i guess i am really bad about taking pictures, cause i don't have that many, but i am going to post some with this, so that you all can see how i am doing.  these pictures are from both summer and fall.  love you guys

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Matt and Pam Emerson said...

Wow, Linds. I'm glad we finally get some pictures of you. Sounds like school is going well. Keep it up!

Aunt Pam