Sunday, November 9, 2008

Navy Ball and Band Formal

So I decided that since I (Peggy) haven't posted anything, maybe I should get on the bandwagon and write something. Things get pretty crazy every week. I'm not sure how I'm handling 19 credits at school and still have any time for my family. I can't wait for this semester to be over. Just a few more weeks to go. Although it seems that all my professors are piling on the work all of a sudden and those papers that seemed so far away are now all coming due at the same time. I am proud to announce that I did very well on my mid terms. My grades are as follows:

Math for teachers- 92%
Children's Lit.- 100%
Exceptional Learners Psychology- A
Sociocultural Studies in Ed.- 99%
Adolescent Development- 97%

My other class had no mid term. I was a little stressed out and felt about like Pam. I thought I blew my Children's Lit test. I got the 25 terms and 4 people right, it was just the 4 essay questions that I had no idea about and kind of took a stab in the dark. (My professor likes to test us first and then tell us the answer) I guess he liked my answers. I was very surprised by my 100%. So, I guess I can do this. I just can't wait for the semester to be over.

Last night Russ and I attended the Navy/Marine Corps Ball for the Miami ROTC unit. It wasn't too bad. The worst part was finding a dress. I looked for two weeks. The first problem is finding a modest dress. That's maybe one or two in each store. Then they have to have my size, (I guess fat people don't ever want to get dressed up) then it has to fit and look right. I didn't end up with what I had in mind, but I found one that worked I guess. I'm going to have Maura help me try to post the pictures for you. It's been awhile since Russ and I got dressed up and gone somewhere nice. Russ wore his dinner dress jacket, which he has owned for several years but never worn, so it was fun having him wear it. Maura also went out last night to a band formal. The only pictures we have were taken by our babysitter. Yes, Maura has a boy in the picture, but it wasn't a date. Since Russ and I had to leave two hours before her, we had her friend JD pick her up, well actually his mom picked her up and drove them both to the dance. If all goes well, you'll see pictures of both.


Alanna said...

you have to flip the pictures in whatever program you have them saved on on your computer and then upload them. I don't think there is a way to flip them once you have them on blogger.

I can't believe how big your kids are! It was fun to see pictures of you and russ. Glad you had a good time. And, I'm glad you have a blog! It can get addicting! I have my whole faculty at school doing blogs. We have each set one for our classes! :)

It's my life.... said...

You guys look soooooooooo good.Not bad for an old married couple. =) Love the picture of you looking at him.... NICE.
I think your dress is very pretty, but I know what you mean about not being able to find what you want. *sigh* I can't believe how fast Maura is growing up, she's beautiful....

Lindsay needs to hop on the band wagon and post too... In her "spare" time, of course.

jillybean's world said...

very nice.