Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Aunt Jo's funeral

Chris Hebert, Beth Pope, Mike Helm, Benji Glass

Robert Strong Jr. at Bayou Caddy

Stefanie Dunbar's house in Slidell, LA

Benji and Amelie's kids
Alex, Sydney, and Mallory

Michelle and Nick

My mom's sister Joanne Strong passed away last week. I got to know Aunt Jo when I was a little kid and we lived in Mississippi for three years. We moved in with her and Uncle Albert for a few months while we were trying to buy a house. I have some good memories of the time we spent with her. She was a good sister and aunt to many. I flew down to New Orleans on Thursday and returned Sunday. It was nice getting to see aunts and uncles and cousins that I haven't seen for years. Thank you to my Hebert cousins for being great hosts to us. My mom, sisters Marie and Beth, and brother Mike were there. I was so excited to see my mom, since she's been in London for a year. The night before I left the girls went and saw the Twilight movie. I really enjoyed it. After the funeral, we all went back to Stefanie's house and had a nice family gathering. It was lots of fun, with most enjoying Singstar!
It's sad that it takes a funeral to get people together. We will definitely need to have a Glass family reunion in the near future.


Matt and Pam Emerson said...

Thanks for posting pictures!


Anonymous said...

Hi Peggy:

It was so good seeing you again. It's incredible that we've gotten to spend so little time together throughout your life, but we have such a strong bond.

A few corrections to the pictures. It was actually Bayou Caddy, not Bayou LeCroix...Amy's name is spelt Amelie...and the picture that you think is Morgan is actually Mallory - Amelie's youngest who is 4 years old.

I am getting ready to take your Mom to the airport in a little while. We had a great visit and did lots of talking. I will really miss her.

Take care and give my love to all your family.

Aunt Stormy

Mikelhelm said...

dont forget that Gwen was there too! :)