Saturday, May 30, 2009

Summer, here I come!

So, I was looking at Pam's blog this morning and saw our family blog to the side with a two months ago tag and decided I should try to update a little.

I finished school three weeks ago. What a semester. I took 20 credits and earned a 4.0. I had one week off and started my summer term. I am taking an English Grammar class and doing my Senior Capstone. Miami requires all seniors to complete one. You have to be a senior, which technically I am. Some of them are pretty exciting like traveling around Europe for three weeks checking out their educational systems, or going snorkeling in the Bahamas; all of which takes time and money. So, for my capstone I am working on an educational website that was developed a few years ago and has kept growing through this particular capstone.

I will be done with classes in 4 weeks. After which I will be going to girls camp as the camp director, although I really haven't done anything to prepare the girls so far.

Russ is back in Japan for two months. He is working with the ROTC Midshipman and helping to coordinate cruises with the Japanese Navy. We thought we were done with separations for awhile. He's enjoying being back and said it felt like home when he pulled up to PSD and was expecting me in our lovely tan Toyota Estima van.

Ryan will be getting home from his mission on August 25th. We are very excited for him to be home. He'll stick around for about 10 days and then head back to BYUI in Rexburg, Idaho.

Lindsay is home for the summer from BYU. She finally got a job as a lifegaurd at the city pool. She's hoping to get a nice tan, but for Lindsay maybe she'll look like a normal person. So far, you can barely tell she's been in the sun.

Maura is almost done with her freshman year. She has a busy summer schedule with girls camp, youth conference, band camp, and a two week leadership and service camp at Miami. She's pretty excited for everything to finally get going. She's thinking about maybe an Arabic camp at BYU next summer!

Emily is finishing up first grade. She has had a great year and a smooth transition. Her teacher was wonderful and all the students were very welcoming. She's made lots of friends and loves to be the center of attention. Her reading has taken off and she has surprised us all with the books she can read. She's looking forward to a lazy summer. She has a few swimming lessons lined up, but other than that, we're going to wing it so when everything lines up, maybe we can go on a few road trips and actually explore this new state we are living in. We'll just leave the two older girls behind to do their thing.

I guess that got everyone up to speed. If anything exciting happens, I'll try to update this wonderful blog.